Top English Tips for Job Seekers | Episode 2

Top English Tips for Job Seekers | Episode 2

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More and more companies in Poland require you to have good working ability in written and spoken English.

Breaking the ice at the beginning with some chit-chat or small talk isn't always easy but it can really help make a good first impression and set the tone for a good interview.

Shaking hands with the members of the interview panel they will most likely say: „Welcome to our company”, for example, or „Thanks for coming, would you like something to drink?”

Of course your first response is key to setting up a good atmosphere. Accept the offer of water: „That would be great, thanks very much”

If you're nervous, keep your answers short and sweet: When they ask just „How are you doing today?” you could reply: „Great, thanks. The weather's so lovely today, I love this time of the year” or perhaps „The AC is nice here, it's so hot outside today” or „I always feel a little nervous before interviews but I'm also very excited”

Do you need to make excuses for being late or is there an awkward silence you would like to break?

Make a short statement and add a question:

„Traffic was pretty heavy on the way here. Do you drive everyday?” or „My apologies, there was an accident on the way. Do you drive everyday?”

„I'm afraid the metro broke down so it took longer than I expected to get here”

Remember, safe topics include the weather, sport, or how bad the traffic is. Small talk is a good way for the other person to assess your people skills and how you react under pressure, your body language and initial communication ability. What you actually say is of secondary importance. 

Do not over-praise the art on the wall as it will only make you sound desperate, but if they mention you have some common interests then turn it into a short conversation.

Make sure you look interested, even if the topics discussed are not interesting.  Avoid bringing up anything related to the job itself like work hours, salary or that you know somebody who works in the company. Stay away from religious and  political issues  as well as current affairs until you get the job!

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