Top English Tips for Job Seekers | Episode 3

Top English Tips for Job Seekers | Episode 3

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First of all, congratulations! You have successfully applied for and are now getting ready for that all important job interview.  You've dressed well and are on time, or maybe traffic was terrible and you're running a little late? Don't be afraid to acknowledge and be honest why you got delayed.  „Sorry, but I had a real problem finding parking in the area” Quickly change the apologetic tone to a more positive one „Thank you very much for this opportunity, I'm looking forward to the interview”.

Next: don't be tongue-tied. Expect that you'll be a little nervous so give yourself a good chance to switch languages.  Try listen to or watch something in English for at least 15 to 30  minutes a day in the lead up to the interview. Make time to prepare well and the butterflies in your stomach on interview day will be less.


When you are speaking, you are in charge. Get to the point quickly and then expand on your answer with well-thought out, real-life examples. Don't bore your interviewer with long-winded answers.  Remember, you are not the first and are probably not the last interviewee, so be lively and enthusiastic in your responses. Keep good eye contact with all panellists, smile every now and be conscious of your posture, hand and head gestures. Above all, be natural and convince them you are the right person for the job.

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